July 24, 2017

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As usual I can’t resist a cute card and combining various digi stamps. I have also started using my new Printmaster program which I recently downloaded in some new ways.  I have used Printmaster for years but this is their newest version, Printmaster vs 7 Platinum, and it does a lot more than the old one did. For one thing I can now add backgrounds to my card before I print and color it which saves me a lot of time looking for designer paper for my backgrounds and I love how they look. I am still using my much loved Copic Markers to do all my coloring. I am now the proud owner of 90 of their colors. (They make 358 so I am being conservative, believe or not.)



I have recently found another digi stamp site that I love called Vera Lane. Her stamps are whimsical and funky and just cry to be used with my own sentiments added. Here are a few of them. There are many more.


Just a few of the cards I have made after having my interest tweaked by Pinterest

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These are just a couple of my cards. To see more go to my gallery by clicking on “gallery” at the top of this page.

A large  percentage of my cards have been made after spending hours seeing all those made by others on the web site “Pinterest.” I then tried to see how I could “make them my own”.  This is standard practice and is called “CAS” or Copy and Share. You might think this is cheating but it is not considered as such, especially if you mention, when posting a card on the web, whose idea it was to start with. Giving credit where credit is due will get you a long way in life!

This card looks hard but is actually pretty simple as the part that is pleated is just a strip of paper that has a graduated cut and then folded vertically to form the pleats. I didn’t have paper that was double sided so I glued two kinds, back to back, to make my own. After cutting and pleating it I attached it to the yellow and white polka dotted base at the half way mark, added the ribbon with the bow, stamped the greeting and the extra colored polka dots to balance it out. The whole thing was then glued to a heavier card stock that had been folded to make the basic card. By doing this I was also able to hide where I had glued the ribbon to the back of the front piece at each end. Here is another that is made in the same way but with bigger pleats.