August 14, 2017 Using the same image more than once


It is so much fun to take an image you have that you love and make several cards with it but vary it enough that it looks different each time. With digi stamps this is especially easy since you can resize it to what ever size you want. I am using my new Printmaster v7 Platinum program to set up my basic cards and then have the fun of adding clip art and sentiments to them with Printmaster. After printing them out on my laser printer I then get to work with my Copic Markers. All the main images have been colored with Copic Markers. All the cards have been printed on my laser printer with Xpress It paper. Both the printing method and the paper are marker friendly. On several I made my own background paper with my clip art from Printmaster.

Here are two examples of the same image used in different ways.

In the first example I used the little baby image (“Hush” by Mos Digital Pencil) three times. The first time I added a little clip art of a stork carrying a baby. On the second I added some clip art of little hearts to the pajamas multiple times so it looked like a pattern on the pajamas. And on the last I made the pajamas more gender neutral color of green. On the last two examples I also made my own back ground paper using Printmaster clip art.

The next cards I used two different digi stamps from “From The Heart” (Birthday Cat and A Little Something). In the first one I combined the two images to make one birthday card and added the hat and balloons from Printmaster clip art. The other three are made from the individual images. I added a clip art hat on the third one and on the first and third I made up my own sentiment. The other two sentiments came with the digi stamp.



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