Something new added…no stamps at all!

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Something new I am just trying out doesn’t use any stamps at all….or ink or paper or scissors, just a program called Printmaster v7 Platinum and a computer. I am having a wonderful time trying out all this program can do. It comes with a great deal of clip art, backgrounds etc. and you can also go through literally hundreds of items you can purchase and add to the program at very reasonable prices. The above pictures show two of the “still lifes” I have made with the program. It is taking a little practice and trial and error to figure out how to do stuff but it is worth it. You can add various items to your pictures, including photos you already have on your computer, then resize, reconfigure,  and realign them. You can easily put items in front or behind others then add shadows, different rotations and opacity. Your finished project can then be exported as a JPG to your computer and printed out. I am still learning and I am always excited to get a new project or gadget to learn all about.

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