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I have really become a fan of Digi Stamps. As I have explained elsewhere they are”stamps” that you download from the internet, save to your computer, then print out on your printer. You then color them with whatever medium you choose to use, watercolor, dye ink, copic markers, colored pencil etc. If you are using Copic markers I highly suggest using Bristol paper, as other papers will bleed through badly. I use Canson smooth Bristol paper. Watercolor paper will work also but not as well and will bleed quite a bit more. (With Copic Markers you need to print them on a laser printer or the ink from the printer will run.) I use Canson Watercolor paper when I am using my Zig watercolor markers.

There are several advantages to the Digi Stamps:

  1. They are cheaper than purchased actual stamps, usually from free to three to four dollars each.
  2. You can purchase just one stamp. You are not tied to a set as is often the case, especially when buying clear stamps.
  3. You can use an editing program to make them any size that you want them to be.
  4. If you use PNG stamps vs JPG stamps you can place them in front or in back of one another without using a mask.
  5. You don’t have to drive to a store to purchase them or wait for them to come in the mail. They are instantly delivered to your computer for download, though you often have to unzip them but that is easy to do and just takes a minute or two of your time.
  6. They are yours forever and they don’t wear out. They also print right every time with no smudges or missed spots.

(As I have mentioned elsewhere, my favorites so far are: Bugaboo Stamps, A Day For Daisies and Tiddly Inks. I used stamps from these 3 companies to make all my Christmas and Valentine cards this year.)

Bella Blinkie with Border

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