Using a “Digi Stamp”

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I have become a huge fan of “digi stamps.” These are digital stamps that you purchase online. They are sent to you in your email, after purchase, where you then download them and add them to your computer files. I keep mine in separate files for each company I buy them from within a file for my card making images I use all the time. Some of my favorites, so far, are Bugaboostamps, A Day for Daisies and Tiddlyinks. For some reason their images just speak to me. They are gentle and sweet and sometimes humorous. They usually come in sets of both a jpg and png image. The jpg image has a white  rectangle around it while the png image is clear around it. As a result the png images can be put over or under each other without anything getting in the way. Below I will show you an example of before and after and two png images that have been overlapped and painted for a card. A friend recently had a family have to put their elderly dog down. She asked if I could come up with an appropriate sympathy card. Much to my surprise Bugaboostamps had the perfect digi stamp. As you will see I was even able to add the dog’s name to the tomb stone.


PNG image before coloring with Zig watercolor paints


PNG image before coloring with Zig watercolor paints


Combined PNG images colored and made into a card


Another Digi Stamp from A Day for Daisies. Colored with Zig Watercolor brushes, with wings made to sparkle with Wink of Stella (Too bad you can’t see it in the picture. It is gorgeous!) It is double matted with lime green then a darker shade of green. The picture is raised with a sheet of fun foam to make it stand out and a corner punch to make the edges more interesting.





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