My cards and how they grow



I really have not learned how to set up a Blog in a proper way so bear with me. My new blog posts so far all appear on this first page so keep scrolling for new info.

I have been making greeting cards for a couple of years and have literally made hundreds of them. I like to think they have improved as I have gone along. I have learned how to do quite a lot by attending instructional gatherings held by my Stampinup demonstrator but mainly have learned by watching Youtube and clicking on cards I have seen on Pinterest. I appreciate the fact that so many people are so generous in sharing the cards they have made and taking the time to show others how they made them. Now it is my turn to do the same for others. Unfortunately, I am not too good at making web sites. That is still very much in the learning stage so please have patience with this disjointed site.

There is something addictive about this hobby. For all that I have spent on supplies I could have bought hundreds of cards at the card store. But they would not have the personal touch and I would not have had the fun of coming up with ideas and carrying them out. Once you get addicted it is hard to pass up new stamps, inks, tools, dies etc. that are available at Michaels, Joann’s or any of the many places on the web that try to entice you with everything you could possibly think of to make both cards and scrapbooks.

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