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How ro make a multicolored envelopeenvelpes-multicolored

I was day dreaming in bed one morning and trying to think of a way to make my envelopes prettier and more interesting. I think I have come up with something that looks great.  After looking all over the web to see if I could find others doing the same thing I posted some pictures on a web site to see if anybody was making anything like it.  (Simply Card Making With Laurel Beard) I got quite a few favorable responses and many asked me to share how I had made them.

It is not hard but it does require a bit of precision. First off I should tell you that I use a     We R Memory Keepers envelope punch board so I know up front how big my paper needs to be for the size card I will be using it for. I then decide what paper goes with the card I have made and use those colors. For a 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ (A2) card I need a paper that is 8 1/8″ by 8 1/8″. I take the paper I will be using and cut it into strips that I will then overlap and adhere together to make a sheet that big, allowing for room for the overlap. For a two color envelope that means I need about a 1/2″ overlap for each so cut my paper accordingly. Each sheet will be about 5″ wide by 81/8″ long. I then adhere them together by overlapping one over the other using a strong glue (not repositionable) such as the Scotch Extra Strength Adhesive Roller, Instant Hold. Put the adhesive, VERY CAREFULLY, right next to the edge of one sheet and carefully lay the other sheet on top so they overlap just the width of the adhesive. You don’t want the adhesive to overlap the sides or you will have a heck of a mess. You then cut the sheet so it is 8 1/8″ by 8 1/8″ square. You may have to cut a little off of each side of the paper, you don’t want to cut it all off of one side, unless you want one color to show more than another. Then use the envelope punch board just as you always do. You do the same thing if you use more than two colors, just making strips that glued together will measure 8 1/8″ for this sized card. Adjust accordingly for other sizes.




2 thoughts on “Multicolored Envelopes

  1. Your cards are beautiful. I made my Xmas cards for years, but none as professional looking as yours. You have spiked my interest, so maybe I’ll try again.


    1. So glad you like them. I hope you will give it a try again. I find it very satisfying in many ways. I like to be artistic and I like to solve problems so it is fun to see a card someone else has made on Pinterest and to to figure out how to either copy it exactly or make it my own. And it is great that my friends seem to enjoy getting them.


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